Time flies by…

It’s funny how quickly time seems to fly by as you get older. When your younger, time just creeps by at a snail’s pace. There wasn’t enough hours in the day for me, and now it’s been a week since the last time I posted anything on this blog. Boy, has it has been a busy week!

For starters, we found out the problem with the washer. The pump that is supposed to drain the water out froze up, melting a hole in the front, which subsequently let the water seep on out. We found a replacement part in town for $70.00 (WOWZERS), we didn’t want to pay that much.  After looking online for a while, we were able to find a new pump for half the price shipped.

While our new pump was in transit, I made a batch of laundry detergent {with the help of Mr. Baconmaker of course}. I’ll spare you the details right this moment, and share those at a later date.

The part arrived Wednesday via FedEx, and the washer was put back together, running as good as new. Then, it was on to washing a weeks worth of clothes. Who knew it would take a full three days to do a dozen or so loads of laundry?

Wednesday evening was spent taking our black cat and werewolf foraging for some sugary goodness. They scored fairly good; filled two shoe boxes. We even took a long “adventure” down a back road on the way home. The black cat was glad TomTom came along for a ride!

The remainder of the week was spent doing MORE laundry and yard work. Man, I’m glad this week is over. Next week is going to be just as fun-filled!

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