Pecans, Pecans, Pecans

Around here, pecan trees aren’t too hard to come by.  They’re everywhere.  On the way home last week, we spotted at least a dozen pecan trees on the side of the road.  Knowing how much pecans are going for at the grocery store, Mr. Dad promptly turned around, and made our way down the side road where those dozen or so pecan trees where waiting with their bounty.  With the help of GamerBoy and KitKat, the four of us were able to forage at least 10 pounds of pecans.

Now to crack and shell them all to get to their meaty goodness.  I’ve heard you can boil them to make it easier.  I’ve also read that you can soak walnut in salt water for half an hour, making them easier to get them out whole.  I wonder if that will work on my pecans.  Sounds like an experiment waiting to happen.

How do you shell pecans?

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