Square foot garden

This years’ garden was more experimental more than anything.  Some plants rocked!

The rosemary tripled in size.

The tomatilos out grew the spot I put them.  Too bad the bugs kept eating them before they were ready.

Yet, somethings, not so much.  The green and red cabbage haven’t gotten any bigger.

It was my first garden.  Trial and error if you will.  Sure, I have planted things in the past.  This year was the first time I have actually put forth some degree of thought and effort.

The experiment is why I thought it would be a good idea to plant some vegetables in our flower garden.  The problem with that is I am a bit OCD.  Every time I drive past the garden or look out the window, it absolutely drives me crazy.  Words can not describe the crazy.  Vegetable just scattered here and there between sago palms, a huge clump of purple canna, and a few others.

The solution?  Square foot gardening.

Nice four-foot square boxes where I can neatly plant things in groups while not taking up a lot of space in my yard.  I am defiantly in.  The OCD part of me wants to rip the whole thing up and start building the boxes.  But alas, plants are growing and I don’t have the time for that project.  I’ll leave that for next spring.


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