Planning a chicken coop

I am a planner. I am sure you know one. The person who plans, erases, then plans again. Yep, that’s me. And that’s why we don’t have chickens. I have planned their nice little chicken house, only to decide I didn’t like it and plan it again.

The plan now is to use the existing coop that was on the property from the previous owners. It had been converted a few years ago to house my son’s pet pigs, which have since found other homes. I intend to reuse or repurpose as many materials as possible. Because honestly, why should I spend hundreds. My budget is to build this coop only spending $75.00. So far I am on track budget wise. Starting with old wood fence panels, I am over lapping each board to create lap-board siding on three sides. The other half of the coop with be enclosed with chicken wire to create a chicken run.

Painted barn red with white trim, it will look pretty awesome. The chickens will have the coolest coop in town, I hope. Can you imagine how it will look? That’s ok if you don’t it may change again.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress. I have given myself a deadline. The tentative date is middle November.

Till then, off to gather supplies.

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