We have beans!

Not long ago I purchased a pack of 50 heirloom black valentine beans.  I bought them on a whim.  We don’t even eat black beans that often.  I’m not sure why, their good.  So, while I was deciding what to plant for a fall garden, I remembered the seeds.

I only planted 9 of the 50 or so seeds.  Remember, I didn’t know much about the beans, this is experimental.  At first, I wasn’t sure what the sprouts would look like.  Would they look like the pole beans?  I stood there for the first several days, watching and waiting.

“Oh, we have one.”

“Oh, there’s two.”

Turns out they were only weeds.  Blasted weeds!  Why is it grass grows so well where you don’t want it to grow?  What makes my garden a breeding ground for weeds?  I hate weeds.  Who doesn’t, right?  Anyway, after about week, I am happy to report – We.  Have.  Beans.  Not just one or two, but ALL 9 of the seeds sprouted.



Now just to wait the 60 plus days until I can harvest my first crop of Black Valentine Beans.



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